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Equip Your Church to Share the Gospel 

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Join the nationwide movement to help every Christian give away at least one copy of the Gospel of John Gift Edition before Easter or whenever you want to do an outreach to the community. Help your members do what they already wish they could do—get the gospel into the hands of their lost relatives, friends, neighbors, and business associates. Order today!

Pastor Giving a Sermon


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Speaker with Hands Raised


Teach Your Congregation to Share

the Gospel in Two Minutes

Gospel of John

Gift Edition

The Gospel of John Gift Edition makes the perfect gift for your congregation to share with their non-Christian family and friends.


What better way to share the gospel than by using Jesus' own words in this beautiful 6" x 9"  paperback with a glossy cover. 


They will experience Jesus without any verse numbers to get in the way. An invitation in the back invites them to follow Him. 

We have chosen The Readable Bible as our translation for its accuracy and easy readability. 

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Front Cover

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Back Cover

Two-thirds of Christians are not familiar with any method of telling others about Jesus,
but half are willing to learn how. Most believe the Great Commission applies
to them, but they need someone to teach them how to do it.


Easter, or another day of your choice, provides the
perfect opportunity to share the whole story, and The Gospel of John Gift Edition is the perfect way to do it.

Give each adult and teen the Gospel of John as they enter to worship on Gospel-Giving Sunday.


Announce that the church is taking part in a gospel distribution challenge where each person hands the Gospel to one non-Christian.


Demonstrate by showing the video above how easy it is to do in three sentences and invite the congregation to practice it.

  • Place your order for The Gospel of John Gift Edition.

  • Recruit members to hand out the books on Gospel-Giving Sunday.

  • Distribute them to every adult and teen and teach them how to give them away.

  • Have someone share their experience of giving away their book. Encourage everyone to give one away.

The Gospel Challenge Foundation provides

The Gospel of John Gift Edition at cost plus 20% (to cover our operating costs), currently about $1.50 a copy.


The inside front cover can be customized for orders of 1,000 or more for an additional 10–20 cents per copy.

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