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Turn Your Dollars into a Gift

That Keeps On Giving

Every winter the Gospel Challenge Foundation needs to order from the printer to have in inventory the number of Gospel of John Gift Editions needed for churches to buy for Gospel-Giving Sunday. This year our cost will be $40,000 for 30,000 copies.


Anyone who donates to this Scripture Distribution Fund will be advancing the gospel through their giving, not once, but many times over. Each year, your investment in God’s kingdom will be reinvested when we place another order—and on and on. As the years go by, each $100 invested will buy another $100 worth of Gospels. In 10 years, $100 will have bought 1,000 Gospels, and $1,000 will have bought 10,000 Gospels. 

What better way to use your money than to fund an eternal investment (with an eternal reward) that never stops growing in the number of souls saved! As Jesus said about sowing seed in Matthew 13:8: Some “fell on good soil and produced a crop—some a hundred, some sixty, and some thirty times” greater than that which was sown.


Use your dollars to sow the gospel, and some will fall upon good soil. When someone receives Christ, the angels in heaven rejoice. Turn your dollars into a gift that keeps on giving, leading people to Jesus.


We’d love to have a $40,000 donor, and maybe God is speaking to you about that, but we are happy to receive even the smallest gift from anyone who wants to put Gospels into the hands of the lost.

Join Our Team

Current Need: $40,000

Help Us Reach More Churches

Do you have a heart for equipping churches to share the gospel? Consider serving as a volunteer on our team of regional church representatives. You’ll go out into your community and share Gospel-Giving Sunday with local church leaders. Or, if you enjoy working on the phone, you could expand your reach even further. 


Are you a . . . 


  • former pastor with a heart for the lost,

  • student who wants to change lives,

  • salesperson who wants to sell something of eternal value,

  • someone who believes in the power of the gospel to transform?


Please contact us! We’d love to talk to you.


Call Rod Laughlin at (913) 980-1409 or email

Promote Gospel-Giving Sunday to Churches in Your Area

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